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Arr. Matthew Compton

Arranger Matthew Compton has provided us with another high energy arrangement. True to a Toccata, this arrangement based on the "King's Weston" tune flies along with fiery rhythms and continuous intensity from beginning to end. The second stanza features a unique twist where the tune is played both forward and backward at the same time. A winner for all worship services, concerts, and a perfect choice for festivals.
3-6 oct. w/opt. 2 oct. Handchimes

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2767 3-6 oct. w/opt. 2 oct. Handchimes 3-6L3+ $5.25 View Sample
27676DP 3-6 oct. w/opt. 2 oct. Handchimes
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3-6L3+ $5.25

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Arranged By
  • Matthew Compton