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Music By: Allen Pote / Arr. Tom Long

This new children's musical includes three Bible stories: Noah and the Great Flood, Jonah and the Great Fish, and Paul's Shipwreck. Each story features the ocean as a symbol for the chaos of life and shows how only the power of God is greater than the natural forces of wind and wave. Done in its entirety, the three stories flow into and reflect upon one another in an entertaining 45-min. program. As an option, each story can be performed separately as a 15-minute mini-musical. It's all done with a childlike playfulness full of humor and songs rich with catchy melodies. Done all at once or in parts, the theme that only God can bring peace to the hurricanes of life shines through with charm and resonance. The DVD includes just instruction for the choreography.


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8637 Choreography DVD $29.95
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Song List
  • The Forty Minute Tour
  • The story of Noah and the Flood
  • Do What You Gotta Do
  • When Life is a Zoo
  • The Promise
  • The Story of Jonah and the Great Fish
  • No Way, Not Me
  • Jonah's Prayer
  • Nineveh Repents
  • The Story of Paul's Shipwreck
  • Good News
  • Paul's Shipwreck
  • Romans 8
  • Good News Reprise
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